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SERI General Disabilities Information Resources

Instant Access Treasure Chest

ERIC Clearinghouse on Disabilities and Gifted Education

Special Education Internet Sites of Interest to Teachers, Administrators, Paraprofessionals, Caregivers and Parents

Beacons of Excellence A research project funded by the Office of Special Education Programs, U.S. Department of Education. The purpose of the project is to increase the understanding of how schools can improve learning results for students with disabilities, within the context of efforts to achieve exemplary results for all students.

Disability Resources - Nonprofit organization that monitors, reviews, and reports on resources related to disabilities daily.

Special Needs Education (SNE) project - an Internet service providing resources for parents, teachers, schools, and other professionals, individuals, groups, and organizations involved in the education of students with special needs

SpecialEdNews - Special education newsletter, articles and resources for educating students with disabilities.

Internet Resources for Special Children (IRSC) - Guide to resources for children with learning disabilities, developmental disorders and serious illnesses or disabilities

The Centre for Communicative and Cognitive Disabilities (see Info)

Special Education from the Mining Company

PRELUDE Music Therapy - Our to serve children and adults with special needs through sharing information; creating and publishing music therapy strategies; and giving workshops and presentations to professionals, parents, and students.

Disability Net - (UK) is a worldwide information and news service for all disabled people and
people with an interest in disability issues.

Internet Special Education Resources

Jerome & Deborah's BIG PAGE of Special Education Links

Ministry of Education Special Education Branch - This site is from the Ministry of Education in British Columbia and provides information about students with disabilities, gifted student, and information about planning and policies.

Resources for Research on Disabilities - Courtesy of the Department of Special Education University of Kansas

INDIE - The Integrated Network of Disability Information and Education

The Disability Link Barn

The ARC's Home Page - The ARC, a national organization on mental retardation, offers an excellent listing of web resources including those on specific disabilities, other national organizations, assistive technology, university programs, federally funded projects, disability legislation, and grant resources.

disABILITY Resources on the Internet - Jim Lubin's excellent collection of a variety of disability resources. The site includes not only organizations but articles, disability listservs, newsletters, and more.

Fulmer's General Disability Resources - Created by Steven Fulmer at the West Virginia Rehabilitation Research and Training Center. This is a good site for general disability information, disability legislation and related law, and special education programs in higher education.

Special Education at Yahoo - Resources indexed by the Yahoo service.

Handicap Information Resources in Japan - Excellent collection of disability related resources in Japan and throughout the world. (Ivan's Home Page)

The Special Needs Education Network - (Canada) This site provides a directory of special needs resources, including WWW sites, gopher sites, listservs and projects.

Victorian Information Worldwide Information - (Australia) Sites concerned with the many issues surrounding disability in today's world.

Society and Culture: Disabilities - Yahoo

MedWeb - Emory University Health Sciences Center Library

Handitel - (Luxembourg) The aim of this server is to gather the information existing on the World Wide Web related to the field of disabled and elderly people. It includes links to disability related resources and disease and syndrome resources. It is part of the SocialNet Luxembourg.


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