SERI Disability Products and Commercial Resources

AbilityHub - Assistive Technology for people with a disability who find operating a computer difficult, maybe even impossible. This site will direct you to adaptive equipment and alternative methods available for accessing computers.

Attainment Company, Inc. - Augmentative communication devices.

Wenzelite Rehab manufactures a comprehensive line of four wheeled anterior and posterior Safety Rollers which can accommodate a wide spectrum of patients - from pediatric to a weight capacitv of 700 lbs. Our Safety Rollers have gained recognition by doctors, physical therapists and other health professionals as a line of durable, stable and safe walking aids.

Phonic Ear®

Sensory Resources. - Resources for raising children with sensory motor, developmental, and social emotional challenges.

Programs to help individuals with Dyslexia - This Web page has programs written in conjunction with the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children as well as other products. - (UK)  A complete range of products and services which use computer technology to help those with dyslexia.

Intelligent Peripheral Devices, Inc. - Home of the AlphaSmart® product family.

Freedom Scientific - Blazie Engineering Computer Products For The Blind - Blazie Engineering researches, designs, manufactures, and distributes notetaking instruments for use by blind people.

Henter-Joyce - Henter-Joyce, the developer of Screen Readers JAWS and JAWS for Windows, is a leader in access technology for people with blindness and other print-related disabilities.

Arkenstone - is a leading provider of reading systems for people with visual and reading disabilities.

National Clearing House of Rehabilitation Training Materials - (NCHRTM) Oklahoma State University. Welcome to the NCHRTM World Wide Web Home Page. At this website we hope to provide you with sources of rehabilitation and disability materials. Included here will be: information on recent publications, videos and other rehabilitation training materials; downloadable documents; links to other rehabilitation information sources and information about materials available from the NCHRTM by mail.

Proportional Reading - Proportional Reading software for improved reading of any text

IBM Special Needs Solutions -

Wisconsin First Step - Toy Catalog Listing for Children with Special Needs

Disability Related Products from Companies - Lubin's collection of resources.

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