SERI University Based Information Resources

The Center on Disability and Community Inclusion- located at The University of Vermont in Burlington, Vermont, is part of a national network of developmental disabilities programs established to support individuals with disabilities and their families.

Disability-Specific Web Sites - (University of Minnesota) This is an alphabetized list of links to sites dealing with a wide variety of disabilities from ACQUIRED BRAIN INJURY to STROKE.

Waisman Center - University of Wisconsin-Madison

University of Oregon - Behavioral Research & Teaching

University of Virginia - Department of Special Education

The University of Kansas - Department of Special Education, provides a variety of professional opportunities for students committed to the improvement of lifestyles for children, youth, and adults with disabilities.

Gallaudet University Home Page - "The only accredited four-year liberal arts university for deaf and hard of hearing students in the world."

Arizona State University - Special Education Department

Job Accommodation Network - JAN is based at West Virginia University. It is an international toll free consulting service providing information about job accommodations and employability of people with functional limitations. This site also includes information on the ADA. Check out the Points of Interest page for over 100 links on Disability Resources, Employment Resources, Disability Specific Resources and U.S. Government links.

Rehabilitation Technology Group (FORTEC) - (Institute of Electronics, Vienna University of Technology, Austria) Established in 1986 to intensify and consolidate efforts related to research and development of new technical solutions for handicapped and elderly persons. Also includes many links to disability related resources throughout the world.

Trace Research and Development - based at the University of Wisconsin.

Project EASI Home Page - based at Rochester Institute of Technology. Equal access to software and information.

Adaptive Computing Technology Center - based at the University of Missouri. Includes Internet Disability resources and Commercial and Disability Product pages.

University Based Disability Information - J. Lubin's Disability page

Indiana University Speech and Hearing Home Page -

University of Alberta Developmental Disabilities Centre - This site includes information on current research, student training, publications, and selected clinical services for children and adults with mental retardation and other disorders that affect learning and originate in childhood.

WWW Resources at Virginia Commonwealth University - Resources related to General Disability Resources, Assistive Technology, Attention Deficit Disorder, Foreign Language and Learning Disability, College Policies for Students with Disabilities, Teaching Students with Disabilities, Learning Styles, Auditory Deficits, Visual Deficits and Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility.

University of Texas - Orientation and Mobility Project

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